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Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson
Won't Be Long Now

Original Release Date:  October 15, 2013

Track Listing
  • 1. Love's for Babies and Fools
  • 2. Never Put to Sea Boys
  • 3. If I Were a Bluebird
  • 4. As Fast as My Feet [Live]
  • 5. Father Son Ballad
  • 6. Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience
  • 7. Mr. Tams
  • 8. Paddy's Lamentation [From Gangs of New York]
  • 9. Never the Bride
  • 10. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk [Live at the Bottom Line] [Live]
  • 11. It Won't Be Long Now
  • Tony Trischka: Banjo
  • Martin Carthy: Guitar (Acoustic)
  • John Kirkpatrick: Button Accordion
  • Dave Swarbrick: Fiddle
  • Richard Thompson: Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Neil Brockbank: Engineer
  • Gerry Conway: Drums
  • Hugo Dwyer: Engineer
  • Edward Haber: Producer, Engineer, Additional Production
  • David Mansfield: Mandolin, Weissenborn
  • Anna McGarrigle: Composer, Lyricist
  • Susan McKeown: Vocals, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus
  • Jenni Muldaur: Vocals (Background)
  • Jay Newland: Mixing
  • David Seitz: Engineer
  • Chaim Tannenbaum: Composer, Lyricist
  • Andy Taub: Engineer
  • Linda Thompson: Arranger, Composer, Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Lyricist, Song Notes, Vocal Harmony
  • Hal Willner: Producer
  • Garo Yellin: Cello
  • Ron Sexsmith: Composer
  • Eliza Carthy: Vocals, Choir, Chorus, Choir Arrangement, Melodeon
  • Ilana Pelzig Cellum: Engineer
  • Bill Dobrow: Percussion
  • Eric Liljestrand: Engineer
  • Scott Hull: Mastering
  • Tom Schick: Mixing
  • Brian Fulk: Engineer
  • Ben Ivitsky: Engineer
  • Glenn Patscha: Piano, Organ (Hammond), Organ (Pump)
  • Jack Thompson: Bass (Electric)
  • Brad Albetta: Bass (Electric)
  • Rob Burger: Organ (Hammond)
  • George Javori: Drums
  • Damon Whittemore: Engineer
  • Teddy Thompson: Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Composer, Vocals (Background), Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Vocal Harmony
  • Kaori Kinoshita: Assistant Engineer
  • Sam Amidon: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo
  • Traditional: Composer
  • Belle Stewart: Composer, Lyricist
  • Oliver Knight: Engineer
  • Amy Helm: Vocal Harmony
  • Jason Crigler: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background)
  • Ross Bonadonna: Engineer
  • Yohei Goto: Assistant Engineer
  • George Apsion: Engineer
  • Dani Castelar: Engineer
  • Karen Leite: Assistant Engineer
  • Joshua D. Patch: Assistant Engineer
  • David Watson: Engineer
  • Isabel Seeliger-Morley: Assistant Engineer
  • John Doyle: Guitar (Acoustic), Composer
  • Charles Causley: Composer, Text
  • Marco Pasquariello: Engineer
  • Daniel Sanint: Assistant Engineer
  • Kami Thompson: Vocals, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus, Vocal Harmony
  • Charlie Davies: Assistant Engineer
  • Annabel Vere: Photography
  • Jeff Hill: Bass (Electric), Engineer
  • Rory Doggett: Engineer
  • Ed McEntee: Assistant Engineer
  • Josh Chaplin: Assistant Engineer
  • Martin Rowsell: Art Direction, Design
  • Zak Hobbs: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Tony Callen: Composer
  • The Flight: Programming, Additional Production
  • Muna Thompson Mascolo: Vocal Harmony
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